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We supply top-quality live specimens to hobbyists, educators, researchers, and mantis enthusiasts across the UK. Whether you want to purchase praying mantises and other exotic insects for academic study, conservation breeding, or keep one as an unusual pet, we are the number one destination to buy a praying mantis online.

Shop our online store to buy praying mantis ootheca egg cases, nymphs, sub-adults and fully mature adults from several popular species native to Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia.

Here at our family-run business, we are dedicated to invertebrate conservation. So you can purchase praying mantids from us safely, knowing that our environmental standards are second to none in the industry. We sell only 100% CB stock that is sustainably bred and ethically sourced.

Owning one of these incredible bugs is a rewarding and eco-friendly way to study nature up close. For many first-time buyers, the praying mantis makes an ideal starter species that is relatively easy to care for at home. Their outlandish appearance and stealthy hunting styles are fascinating to observe. Watch with delight as your purchased mantid stalks prey, captures it lightning-fast with its spiny raptorial forelegs, and devours the meal before your eyes!

We ship live insects nationwide via next working-day courier in purpose-built containers designed to keep your mantis comfortable and secure during transit. Buy from us to receive exceptional customer service, unmatched expertise regarding mantis husbandry, and free email aftercare support for the lifetime of your pet.

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