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Budget Praying Mantis Enclosure Combo

Budget Praying Mantis Enclosure Combo

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Introducing our specialized hard plastic rearing pot, designed specifically for the nurturing of praying mantises and other high-ventilation species. Crafted with care, this pot features a mesh circle embedded on the lid, allowing mantises to comfortably hang during moulting periods. Suitable for accommodating nymphs of most mantis species, and larger instars for small species, this rearing pot ensures an optimal environment for growth and development. Each combo provides enough substrate for 1-3 changes, depending on how deep you want your substrate. Elevate your praying mantis rearing experience with our purpose-built solution.

Each budget praying mantis enclosure combo includes:

  • Mesh Vented Rearing Pot
  • Plastic vine cutting
  • Water retaining substrate


  • Small 8cmX10cm
  • Large 9cmx14cm

(No invertebrates are included with purchase).


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